A Personal Journey by Frank Huzur

Once upon a time it was an adventure. Now, it is an affair. Like a sleepwalker, Frank Huzur drifted into the fireplace of pleasure. Walking through the sex salons and pleasure parlours of porn-studio models, he reached the arena where he could feel the delicate punch of Soho. Often in joy he would scream in Piccadilly Circus, Wow, the sex district of London is, truly, the carnal Olympics.

The author pushes his pen to present a powerful portrait of Soho, a special literature dealing with many sides of porn cinema and their players. Discoveries are there to be made into pages after pages of Frank Huzur's literature. The guilty passions and blooming poppies of West End, London's celebrity circus and nerve centre of West End entertainment, walk before the eyes of readers. There are secret gardens in the heart of Soho. Come, take a walk! Take a peek into the soul of Soho. Everything is bare and beautiful here... Read More

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Imran vs Imran

Building bridges between India and Pakistan

An Exceptional writing by Frank Huzur, certainly it can rightly be termed as “Building Bridges” for both Nations of India and Pakistan. Crossing the India /Pakistan border for 8 times to make a journey to a country where relations...Read more

Imran Khan - The Fighter

First ever biographical novel of Imran Khan

Imran Khan is so much famous as a womaniser that his name remains synonymous with the art of seduction. He is the South Asian prototypes of Casanova: Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt, the eighteenth...Read more

Hitler in love with Madonna

It is my Virgin Play

Hitler in Love with Madonna became the Titanic of my literary adventure, the Titanic which didn't sink in the Fall of 1998 even when the play was virtually banned and entire cast of characters dismantled in veiled, dark threat... Read more


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